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If you’ve seen my Instagram recently @aquaandink , you’ll know I went to Rise Festival with The Gypsy Shrine. They do the BEST chunky face glitter and jewels for music festivals AND they’re at all the festivals each summer, on hand to make you sparkle just like in the pics below.

I had so much fun cutting serious shapes with my glitter gals, taking on the slopes and soon realised how incorporating a festival into your travels takes your experience to a whole new level. So I thought I’d pick some of my favourite festivals from around the world as well as the music festivals I’m DYING to get to in 2017.

Burning Man

A temporary community is erected in the Nevada Desert where people explore various forms of artistic self expression. You don’t trade with the common coin, you trade in whatever you bring with you. For example, you could trade 3 friendship bracelets for a fellow man’s Whiskey or a pop tart for some toothpaste. No-one can really explain the festival unless you experience it for yourself, so with that in mind… you should join us there this year!

Splendour In the Grass

I’ve never met a single backpacker with a bad word to say about Byron Bay. The laidback hippy vibes and amazing surf has everyone weak at the knees. So when adding some amazing bands and a three day festival; it’s pretty irresistible. Beware though, it’s commonly referred to as Splendour in the Mud because it’s in the Aus winter and the rain could be threatening. Rolling around in the mud to some bands in Byron Bay sounds like an epic way to spend the weekend to me!


The ultimate British music festival. It’s hard not to already know everything there is to know about Glasto even if you’ve never been. Everyone’s got a pal who’s been. It’s muddy, diverse, massive and has lots of unearthed treasures. Although celebrities flock there in their masses, it doesn’t feel pretentious like *cough cough* Coachella.


Well technically this is two music festivals but they’re back to back and so many people do them one after another that it may as well just be one! It’s on the stunning Croatian Coastline ensuring you get a summer holiday along with your endless nights of mad skanking. It is set in an abandoned fort so you actually get to party in old ruins and get your socks knocked clean off by the bass in a Moat. Expect lots of dirty DnB and techno to fill your ears.

Rise Festival

Nestled high into The Alpes deep slopes lies the small but magical Rise Festival. This festival is an affordable way to go skiing AND enjoy some tunes with some of the best DJ’s around. No matter if you’re a first time skier or you’re Off Piste perfection, Les Deux Alpes resort offers everything you can need and want at the tap of your ski pass! Watch my Rise Festival Video here and then if you can’t help but want to join the fun in 2017, book your festival ticket here.


Not many people could come back from Amsterdam saying they had a bad time, unless of course they pulled a whitey on some brownies. Adding Dekmantel into the mix is going to make you never want to leave. Summertime Amsterdam + Techno = Happy Times.

Beyond Sahara

A small music festival deep in the Sahara Desert that promises new experiences and massive ticks on your bucket list. Enjoy anything from arts, crafts, sandboarding, yoga, cooking classes… and of course awesome music! It’s in Morocco in March so if you wanna go, you best hurry! To book Beyond Sahara, click here.

If you need some festival glitter and face jewels ready for the festival season…then head over to The Gypsy Shrine and don’t forget to share your creations with us! Their new collection of face jewels launches in March so watch this space!

All Photos – The Gypsy Shrine

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  • I have never actually been to a festival!! I guess it’s because in the UK it means camping in the rain and mud and thats not something I enjoy!! I would love to go to Burning Man though, I have heard so many good stories about it 🙂

  • Omg the body glitter was AMAZING!!! The first picture was beautiful too. I would totally do this – thank you for informing us I had no idea this group existed. I have been wanting to go to musical festivals for ages, but have never been able to go. If you like EDM music, you should go to EDC. It’s in Las Vegas and its insane! Austin City Limits (in Austin, Texas) is another great one for a mix of band genres. It has become so big that it’s a two weekend festival now. From your list I would love to go to Burning Man, Glastonbury and Dekmantel. I really enjoyed this – great post!