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I had the pleasure of spending five glorious nights out of my hectic India schedule to relax in absolute paradise for my series The Duvet Diaries. Neelchands by Ciarans is far away from the heavy tourism of Goa. Nestled on an almost private beach, these luxury glamping tents are the best way to escape India and stumble on your own hidden paradise.

Where are the huts?

Located in stunning South Goa, these luxury glamping tents can be found on the long stretch of sand called ‘Talpona Beach’. Just 20 minutes South of vibrant, buzzing Palolem beach; if you can’t stand the quiet for two long; you know you’re only a short tuk tuk/taxi drive away. But I don’t think you will need to escape your escapism. The positioning of these luxury glamping huts means that you can stroll up and down the secluded beach for hours and enjoy real paradise all to yourself.

Inside The Huts

A seriously comfy double bed is located in the middle of your rather large white tent. Fitted with a mozzie net so that the little buggers don’t get you (you are camping after all), these tents are comfortable, cool and great to chill in. They also come with both AC and a fan so you won’t be getting too hot and stuffy in the summer sun. There are two pretty bedside tables fitted with lamps, a storage unit if you like to unpack your suitcase and a drying rack perfect for hanging your clothes on to.

The bathroom was large with a great drencher shower with warm water. The toilet and sink were both adequate – great for India – but not the best in terms of what you might be used to at home.

The front veranda/balcony area was my favourite place to hang out. You can hear the sound of the waves crashing, see the sunset from your chair and then see the stars when the sun has set. The comfy chairs were made even better by the fact you could have your delicious food and drinksk delivered straight to where you were sitting. Ultimate luxury right? More about the food later!


There are only a small number of huts, I think I counted 8 in the whole resort. This makes it small, friendly and personal. It also makes it quiet. Now I loved the quiet, it meant I could do yoga, relax and hear the sound of nature… but it probably wouldn’t work so well if there were a lot of screaming kids around, so bare that in mind.

They water their beautiful green grass EVERY single day. This is an absolute luxury in India and something you shouldn’t take for granted. The upkeep of this resort is immaculate, they do everything they can to keep it looking beautiful, even though you’re just camping.


Now remember, you are glamping, on a secluded beach… you are in the middle of nowhere! Like i mentioned before, Palolem, Patnem and Agonda Beach are varying distances of about 15-30 mins away by tuk tuk, car or motorbike… so if you really need some wild nightlife, more food, a super market or an ATM; you’re not far away! But this resort itself is out the way from any of these things. There is a gorgeous second restaurant on the beach a bit further up from Neelchands which serves delicious food like salads, pizzas and curries. So you do have choice when it comes to what you do on the beach.

In saying that, you will spend a lot of time on Talpona Beach and at the resort. The restaurant next door also does yoga classes and courses so if that’s something you’re into, you could check that out.

This place was the PERFECT place for us to conduct one of our The Gypsy Shrine photo shoots. Head over to her Instagram to check out the glitter phenomenon we created in Goa.


This menu was a breath of fresh air. Fresh seafood, clean salads, bubbling curries and heart breakfasts. It was created with taste, luxury and enjoyment in mind and we found it a pleasure eating here. When you’re stuck in one resort for five days, the menu CANNOT be rubbish…. They know this, and they succeeded!

If you’re struggling for what to order, make sure you try the baked eggplant and tomato dish with parmesan. Or the fresh tuna nicoise salad! Yum!

Best Bits

  • Waking up to the sound of the waves crashing
  • Working out every day on a quiet, secluded beach away from the crowds
  • THAT BED!!
  • The super friendly local staff who made every day a pleasure
  • The aforementioned baked eggplant
  • The sunsets you can watch from your porch
  • The Neelchands kitten that they rescue

What I’d Improve

I don’t often write a review where I can’t think of much to improve. If anything I’d say the bathroom was a bit annoying (I’m really clutching for straws here)… Indian plumbing isn’t the most convenient and we had toilet flushing problems often. In saying this, I’ve never been any where in India that doesn’t have some kind of problem with their bathrooms… so I’m not holding it against them.

As it is a secluded beach, I understand they might no be able to actually have anything sticking out on the beach… but in the ideal world I would have loved to have either a comfy sun bed or a beach cabana directly on the sand so that you could enjoy time in the sun and on the sand more.

I also think a good old camp fire in a place like that could have been the perfect way to break the ice between guests, make the most out of their bar and make it one of those ‘pinch me’ travel moments.

How To Book

If you want to book your own stay in these gorgeous glamping huts on Talpona Beach, South Goa… then firstly I’d DEFINITELY recommend it.

To book your own stay with them, they recommend organising it by email to cut booking fees. You can email them at:

Alternatively if you would like to book on their website and aren’t bothered about booking fees, their website is:

If you’d like any more information directly from their manager, Eugene. You can phone, whats app or viber him at:


Please do let me know if you book to stay here as I’d love to hear what you think!

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