Let me start off by saying, I LOVE this trip! Maya Bay is an iconic Thai tourist hotspot (you can thank Leo for that) which unfortunately means CROWDS CROWDS CROWDS. When you visit the gorgeous Bay from ‘The Beach’, you’ll be accompanied by about a thousand others, all wanting to get the perfect shot worthy of Instagram. When I got invited to spend the night sleeping on a boat under the stars in Maya Bay, I just couldn’t resist. A night away from the crowds where you get to experience the perfection all to yourself, read all about why the Maya Bay Sleepaboard is my fave Thai experience.

Water Activities

Snorkelling and sea kayaking are two of my fave ways to frolock about in the sun. If you are a true reader of this blog, you know I’m completely fascinated by the underwater world. The coral reefs you are taken to on the Maya Bay Sleepaboard are beautiful and are teaming with huge swarms of fish. Whilst you may not see the BIG stuff, you are surrounded by beautiful, colourful fish as far as the eye can see.

If you’re sick of being underwater or diving off the boat, then use one of their sea kayaks and paddle around the limestone cliffs. It almost felt as if we were in the Philippines, the water was so clear!

Maya Bay at Sunset

Maya Bay is absolutely incredible, there’s no denying it… but when there’s a million other tourists enjoying the exact same spot, it kind of takes away a lot of that speciality. The good thing about this tour is that when sunset hits and all the other boats have to leave the bay… you’re the ONLY people in there. Go exploring, watch the sun set, get your epic ‘The Beach’ photos and watch the waves crash against the blonde sand.

Beach BBQ

When we’d had enough of the breathtaking sites and it was time to fill our bellies, we were greeted by a huge spread of delicious Thai food. There was so much to go around so we had no chance of going to bed hungry! An hour after the food, we were also treated to the biggest tray of BBQ chicken wings and garlic bread you’ve EVER seen! Finger lickin’ good!

Camp Beers

The tour guides set up mats on the floor and we all sat around drinking buckets under the stars. The night was so clear so the sky was covered! On this tour you get one bucket for free and then any additional buckets you want after that you must pay for. Pretty good deal if you ask me. We sat and played drinking games and got to know each other really well as the buckets sunk in! I think this trip is absolutely great for a solo traveller as there’s plenty of ice breakers and the staff do their utmost to make EVERYONE feel included and welcome. At the same time, if you want to go off and do your own thing, you absolutely can.

Bioluminescent Plankton

This is my fave part of the night (and the whole Maya Bay Sleepaboard trip) and the reason I was so desperate to do this trip for the second time! At around 11pm, we made our way back to the boat on the small rubber dingy. The boat is parked in Maya Bay but just a little further out than the beach. When on board, its time to strip off, put on a life jacket, grab a snorkel and JUMP IN! It literally looks like you’ve gone into space, the plankton light up the sea and every time you move or kick, you can see why astronauts must love it up in space!!

Sleeping Under The Stars

Once we got all dried up, we had one more Chang whilst arranging our mattress and getting prepared for bed. Then its time to sleep under the stars! We slept on the very top of the boat so that we could see the stars as we were dozing off. We had great weather so there was no rocking or chance of motion sickness! But I can imagine the sleep to be pretty crazy if you have bad weather so be warned!

Morning beach stroll

A cheeky 6am wake up call and it’s time to get back into your bathers and head back to the beach! More and more people start trickling into the beach, we even saw a proposal right in front of our eyes! Once back on the boat at around 8am, we had a yummy breakfast of eggs and toast before heading back to Koh Phi Phi ready for the day!

If you’re looking to go to Maya Bay but want to do something that little bit different to avoid the heavy crowds, then you need to try the Maya Bay Sleepaboard trip! It’s definitely not ‘luxury’ and you must be able to sacrifice some comforts, but it’s well priced and it’s different! One of my fave tours of my travels!

To book the Maya Bay Sleepaboard, head over to Krabi Konnect now!

Watch my video diary of the trip here: 



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  • Wow this sounds like an amazing experience! Was it expensive? I love sleeping under the stars, but I must admit your sleeping arrangements look a little uncomfortable, but with all the activities you did I am sure it didn’t matter. When I am tired it doesn’t matter, I will instantly pass out haha. Really great post and pictures!

    • It’s around £80 GBP so it’s pricey for a backpacker trip but one of those once in a life time kinda things! Yeah, definitely not the best sleeping arrangements but for sure, the activities totally outweighed that and after a few drinks you’ll sleep anywhere right? haha 🙂