It’s pretty likely that you’ll have WAY more than 24 hours in Jaipur. The beautiful Indian city full of colour, life and friendly locals deserves your time; but unfortunately the way my days panned out on my recent trip, we were left with just one full day to properly explore.

So I made it my mission to do as much as I could in 24 hours. I hired a tuk-tuk driver for the day (his name was Lucky), him and his giant smile and passionate personality gave me the most unforgettable day in Jaipur; and it went a little something like this…

Amber Fort

This absolutely humongous fort is raised on the side of a lake and majestically stands over you, waiting to be explored. Roam around the water, watch the huge flurries of birds flutter of your heads, learn henna from the professionals and watch out for all the goats lazing in the sun.

Top Tip:

It costs 500 rupees to enter the fort, but if you have a student card it’s only 200 rupees, so don’t forget it!


Monkey Temple

The monkey temple is named that for a reason – there are monkeys absolutely EVERYWHERE. I mean, you can barely move for monkeys. On our walk up the temple, we bought a large bag of nuts and fed all the monkeys. Don’t tease them too much as you don’t want them to bite you, but they will certainly appreciate the food.

Painting Elephants in Jaipur

I don’t agree with riding elephants (I have done it once before in Thailand and then read up around the subject and deeply regretted it). However in India, the government are really doing all they can to protect the elephant. The Mahoots are under strict instruction to treat the elephants with care and love, let them roam as they please for a certain amount of hours and ensure the elephants are kept in great conditions. For this reason, elephant tourism here is well managed.

I still don’t believe you should ride them – but we decided to paint the elephants for good luck, cuddle and feed them. The paint we used was 100% natural, plant based colouring and actually has nutrients in that nourishes their dry skin.

Feeding and cuddling the elephants was also awesome, there were no chains around their legs and they really did seem quite happy. I understand some people might not still agree with this – but I do think it depends what country you’re in and how that specific country is treating them.


Shopping and Local Crafts

We were taken to some local shops and factories to see what they make in Jaipur. We were shown traditional silver making and gems and textiles with fabric dying before looking around their shops to see if there was anything we wanted to purchase.

Delicious Curry Lunch

Lucky took me for my first Indian curry and it was hands down the best I had in the whole month I travelled India. I ate at Jal Mahal Restaurant and ordered a paneer butter masala, garlic naan and vegetable pilau. IT WAS AMAZING.

Jaipur’s Pink City

We didn’t stay long in the Pink City. I’m not even entirely sure I did it properly. It wasn’t very pink (more a faded orange colour) and there wasn’t much there. It was still cool to see – and the history behind it was very cool. Lucky told us it was all painted pink for a King who lived in India but because he died, the upkeep hasn’t remained.



We went for sunset at the top of ‘TEMPLE’ which really was stunning. There’s a lovely café at the top of the fort so you can have a drink whilst the sun is setting. Perfect way to end your day blitzing around Jaipur in a tuk tuk!


If you would like to tour with Lucky, this is his Indian number:

Alternatively you can find him on Trip Advisor here.

He will take you anywhere you need to go for the best price. You should just get your accommodation to call him the day before (or even earlier if you know when you will be there) to see if he is available.

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