Welcome to the wifi device that saved my ass on my trip to Rise Festival with The Gypsy Shrine. The Hip Pocket Wifi device gives you unlimited wifi signal in France and 3gb in the rest of Europe on rental.

At Rise Festival, the Wifi in our ski chalet wasn’t working, connection was non-existent. We had four girls desperately trying to finish off work on our laptops with no steady connection! So we pulled out the hip pocket wifi and all four of us managed to stream, work and upload at once! It wasn’t slow, it didn’t falter, it was great!

The battery on the machine lasts for ages, we only had to charge once in the week… but of course it depends just how much you use it. We used it for a few hours a day for 3 days without needing to charge. The charging port is just a regular USB adapter, so it’s also super easy to restore once it does run out of life.

The hip pocket wifi device itself is tiny and it comes in a super cute little grey pouch, which also stores your spare sim card and charger. The whole thing is super compact and perfect for on the road.


If I was ever on a road trip through Europe, I’d get this device back for sure!

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