I’ve never actually done an interview on my blog before so this is pretty new for me! Ever since collaborating with Erin – the mastermind behind Aria, I have felt inspired not only with extreme wanderlust; but also in the way she OWNS being a total travel girl boss. The Aria Kit has become my absolute fave travel essential and gets me through even the worst forms of transport – overnight boat and 10 hour bus rides I’m taking to you! I asked Erin a few questions to not only inspire you to try out the Aria Kit yourself, but so that you guys could fall in love with her as much as I have and realise the heart and soul that has gone into each of her products.

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I describe myself as a flashpacker; a long term traveller who likes a luxury now and then… How do you travel?

I’m almost the same! I can’t travel long-term, but I travel overseas 5-10 times per year. When I was younger I loved hostelling but now that I’m in my 30s, I like a comfy mattress in a room that isn’t full of drunk people having sex. I’m by no means a luxury traveller, but I like a touch of comfort here and there.

What would be your three top pieces of advice for other aspiring travel girl bosses?

Awesome question 🙂 Find a network of fellow female entrepreneurs in your town/city. Get to know them, go to events together and ask them TONS of questions. I’ve found that having an amazing support network of awesome women who are supportive, and are in the same entrepreneurial boat as me, has pushed me to continue even when things got tough. And, my crew of girl bosses here in Vancouver have given me so many amazing ideas and inspirations on how to make my business better. I’m so grateful!

What inspired you to create the Aria Kit that we’ve all helplessly fallen in love with?

It really came out of my own need! I was searching online for an airplane travel kit that had everything in it that I’d need to stay comfy while flying, but there was NOTHING! And the stuff you can buy in airports is crap. So I started sourcing some of the best stuff to put in the kit, and that’s how Aria was born.

Your kit is full of conscious, body nourishing products… but how do you stay healthy when you travel?

Getting sick while travelling can ruin a whole trip, so staying healthy is SO important! I always bring Vitamin C tablets on the plane and will basically OD on them to protect my immune system while I fly. On the ground, I love trying all kinds of foods, even from the dirtiest places (which sometimes have the best food!). But I always travel with Activated Charcoal caplets, which are like an instant cure for food poisoning. I used them once in Thailand, when I’d eaten a dirty pad thai and felt sick immediately after. One caplet and I was back to enjoying my day within 8 minutes.

I also believe in getting lots of sleep while travelling, and trying to get as much exercise as I can. A quick 10 minute workout routine of squats, pushups, hip thrusts and jumping jacks in my hotel room in the morning goes a long way!

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What have been the most challenging aspects of growing your own business?

Money. I funded Aria myself, with a (large) line of credit, rather than giving away any control of my business to an investor. Lack of funds mean I can’t go crazy with advertising, which has kept my business small. It’s also taught me a lot about budgeting and has pushed me to work harder to find cost-effective ways to tell people about the kit, so in the end, it’s been a big benefit to me!

Are you a beach girl or a mountain explorer?

Beach, all the way. I do love hiking, and some of the best experiences I’ve had have been in the mountains (like the Salkantay Trail in Peru and Garibaldi Lake near my home in Vancouver) but I’ll always choose a day of getting my tan on from a sandy beach over a hike.

What are your fave products in the Aria Kit?

My top three are the silk-filled-with-silk eye mask, made of 100% mulberry silk and a whopping 5g of fill inside. It’s like a cool, soft pillow on your face, and I use it at home every night, as well as when I’m travelling.

The toothpaste by Nelson Naturals was a game-changer for me. I learned from them how many toxic chemicals and bad-breath-causing ingredients are in most toothpastes, so I only use theirs at home now too.

And the socks. They’re so fluffy and soft.

If you want to get your hands on your very own Aria Kit, click here. 

Check out her awesome Insta for more:

My first “travel kit” inspired what is now Aria. It included socks, ear plugs and a sleeping eye mask. Over the years, I added lip balm and toothpaste (no toothbrush, I just used my finger). But quickly I realized that a cheap, piecemeal kit didn’t cut it. I wanted something that really made me feel comfortable and even pampered on the plane. That’s where Aria comes from. It’s all the best of the essentials that every traveler should have on long flights and layovers especially. Travel often lovelies! _________________  #travelkit #wanderlust #ig_travel #travel #traveladdict #longhaul #layover #traveler #traveling #travelgoals #bucketlist #gltlove #inspired #flightcrew #carryononly #layover #digitalnomad #travelinspo #traveltips #flightattendant #wearetravelgirls #lifewelltravelled #instatravel #nomad #luxurylife #cabincrew #sleep #sleepingonaplane #packingtips #carryon

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