Fraser Island 4×4 Tour | Australia East Coast

Fraser Island is one of the largest sand islands in the world boasting sand dunes, crystal clear lakes and stunning view points. The easiest way to get around is by 4×4 and there’s a plethora of tours waiting to give you the best three days of your life.

I did the 4 x 4 tour from Dingos Hostel on Rainbow Beach where I was surrounded by the best types of travellers all wanting to have a good time. By day you are surfing the sand in a Land Cruiser whilst spotting dingos and shouting “WHEYY” every time you drive your car through a creek! By night its all about drinking excessive amounts of Goon, cooking good quality camp food with your new pals, dancing your way into the sunlight and then using your goon bag as a pillow until the wake up call.

The View Point

Little effort reaps great reward. Climb for just ten minutes up a cliff face to be greeted by a stunning view where you will see the beach stretch out for miles. If you’re lucky you may even spot some sharks swimming in the sea beneath you! This is the perfect opportunity to get that perfect postcard shot.

Champagne Pools

Named the champagne pools because when the waves come crashing over the rocks, It spills into pools creating bubbles and froth much like our beloved champagne! There’s something for all tastes here. You can sunbathe on the side, dip in the rock pools or be fully adventurous and stand in front of the surf as it comes crashing into the rocks!

Lake Mckenzie

This lake is famous for a reason. With a white sand border and surrounded by lush vegetation, Lake Mckenzie shows off stunning crystal clear waters that you can swim in. The water is so pure that you can see straight down to your toes! Make sure you don’t leave your Go Pro at home!

Scenic Flight

One of my fave parts of the Fraser Island trip was definitely my $75 scenic flight above the island… I’ve only ever been on one of these planes twice before…. once on my skydive and once at Lady Elliot Island. We were able to see the beautiful butterfly lake that is only visible by air and get a feel for how stunning and vast this sand island really was.

Lazy River

The gorge has quite a strong current and shallow waters so you can either just float down on your back or you can bring a rubber dingy and float down clutching an ice cold beer. The water is fresh and cold but oh so refreshing on the hot Fraser days!


The shipwreck on Fraser Island is pretty spectacular. It’s so far on the shore now that you can walk fully around it and explore from all angles. It’s worth a visit because its sinking pretty rapidly. When there’s none of it let, you’ll be able to pass on the story that you were one of the lucky ones that got to witness it in all its glory.

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