Best Places To Celebrate Songkran in Thailand


Get prepared for the wettest, craziest celebration of your life.

What is Songkran?

Songkran is Thai new year celebrated in a very Thai way – no other than chucking buckets of water all over each other in a 3-day long water fight – sometimes even longer!

When is Songkran?

It’s celebrated in April each year. In 2017, Songkran will be held between 13th – 15th April so if you’re planning on being in Thailand between those dates, expect to get VERY wet!

Where Should You Celebrate?

The best places to celebrate Songkran are the busiest places so I hope you don’t hate the crowds.


Backpacker district Khao San Road throws some wild parties and an even wilder water fight. Load up your super soaker water gun and head down the small streets first to play water tag with the locals. They’ll be throwing buckets of water over you at every opportunity. Then head down Khao San Road to get fully involved with the madness. Expect loud music and madness on every corner. Have a few beers and watch your back… the next soaking is just around the corner.


Up in the northern parts of Thailand; the authentic Thai city of Chiang Mai really knows how to celebrate Songkran. Festivities can last as long as 4-5 days here and can get very wet. The main road gets packed with open ended trucks laiden with local families desperate to get you soaked! They have HUGE icy water containers on the back of their trucks and you can jump on to them for a fill up and party. Even though there are plenty of foreigners in Chiang Mai over Songkran, it feels like such a local celebration. People start filling up their water from the rivers, there’s stages playing loud music EVERYWHERE and it all gets pretty hectic pretty quickly… but in the best way.


Koh Phangan, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Tao and Koh Samui are all great places for travellers to experience Songkran but mostly the festivities only last for one day. For those who don’t think they could hack a 3-5 day water fight, this amount of time is actually perfect. You can go hard for one day and not have to worry about getting your stuff soaked the day after. Grab your water gun and get involved.

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  • Great article and great photos!

    Another great place to enjoy the festivities is on Silom Road and also Siam. At these two places you will also enjoy the BTS (sky train) station and rail overhead which provides shade when it gets too hot ,

    No matter where you go don’t forget to bring plastic bags to keep your phone dry! 🙂

    • Thanks for the tips! Even tho I’m now living in Thailand, I’m actually going to be in LA for this Songkran… GUTTED. Yes the plastic bag or zip lock bags for your valuables is essential.