How To Calm Your Travel Anxiety

I’m a total whuss when it comes to flying, travelling and getting from A to B. The thought of take off and landing, long stretches on a bus and the dreaded overnight boat trips make my palms sweaty, my mind race and my stomach crumple into a million knots.

I absolutely love experiencing new things so I don’t let my travel anxiety get the better of me. If I allowed my fear of flying or anxious travel mind win, I wouldn’t have seen the Taj Mahal or come face to face with an elephant… or better yet… be living and working in Thailand.

So how do I ease my mind and banish the stress of travelling? Follow these simple tips to calm your travel anxiety…


If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail… or at least that’s what my old Gym teacher used to tell me. Don’t leave everything to the last minute, pack your bag nice and early, double check you have everything and let your only worry be which kind of cocktail you’ll pick from the menu!

Be organised

I am a bit of an organisation freak… I love nothing more than to have separate pouches for everything and to know exactly where to find each thing I need.

My first step of organisation is to use the blessing that is packing cubes. I order my tops in one, bottoms in another, nice garments in another and then underwear in the last. This ensures that none of my stuff mixes in my suitcase which is a total travel hack for me!

I always start laying out my clothes a couple days before I go anywhere just so I can spot any items I’m missing and also so I can start planning outfits for my trip and coordinating what works with what. If I do these things early, the chances of me being stressed moments before we leave for the airport are highly decreased.

Surround yourself with comforts

I wouldn’t describe myself as a materialistic person, but I totally LOVE being surrounded my comforts whether I’m in transit, at home or abroad. I like having good moisturiser to hand, a handy eye mask, fluffy socks, a warm hoody, a neck pillow and a sheet face mask.

I usually always travel with my Aria Travel Kit because it’s got a lot of these comforts in one handy pouch.

Be Rational

This is a big one for me. I often go into a crazy little frenzy on transport, especially planes; and my fear kind of takes over EVERYTHING. I have to remind myself that fear is only a feeling, I should be rational and that flying is actually the safest mode of transport. When I take all of this on board, I usually simmer down, order a glass of wine and put my feet up… until the next bit of turbulence 😉

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  • Oh I feel your pain! Great tips to help us anxious ladies out. I’m with you being organised helps. Even when things go wrong I get that little bit of comfort that I did my part right.

  • I definitely feel some travel anxiety too, especially when doing land transport in a country where I don’t speak the language. I find that when I arrive at a train or bus station, if I find someone to double check where my bus/train is going to be, even if I think I know, I feel a lot better. One time at a train station in western Ukraine, the lady managed to communicate to me that the train was running late — but when it showed up earlier than she anticipated, she actually came to find me and make sure I got onboard! Super sweet.

  • As someone with anxiety, I couldn’t agree more. Preparing ahead of time and having the trip organized is so important for me. Last minute stuff definitely creates way too much stress.

  • Travelling on long journeys with long layovers can be a bit of a schlep. I feel your pain. I have to remind myself that it’s as much about the journey as the destination. And being prepared definitely helps.

  • Girl, great tips! These are all things I do too. It’s been awhile since I have had travel anxiety because I make sure to be organized and prepared. Nothing worse than things going wrong that were completely under your own control.

  • I’m so glad I don’t have travel anxiety. I know plenty of people who do. It’s great you still are able to travel and see thing things you want to see!