With unique terraced houses, a myriad of quirky bars, great food and exquisite coffee; my decision to live here was an absolute no brainer. Since I called it my home for the last year (and I miss it terribly!), I thought it was time I shared some of my favourite spots and the reason I don’t see myself leaving any time soon.

Baxter’s Lot

With live music almost every day of the week and a fantastic drinks menu, it’s pretty much become my snug little local. Aesthetically speaking, it’s a hidden gem. Expect exposed stone walls, a boat load of sofas and vintage chandeliers and a pretty fantastically awful bathroom. We usually sit and have a laugh to the sound of some guy strumming his guitar and playing his harmonica. It may be hipster central but it’s well worth it for the vibe.

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Name your cocktail, they’ll make it! If they don’t already have it on their menu, they’ll do their best to recreate what you had in mind. Some would say Polly’s is best in the business. They’re not intent on completely ripping you off either. Whilst the more refined, exquisite cocktails can carry a hefty price tag, you can go for happy hour and get a special cocktail for 10 smackers! It’s never too busy and has a really great laid back ambiance.

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Love Indian but hate that disgusting bloated hate-yourself feeling after a dutty takeaway. This is like all the amazing parts of said takeaway but without that feeling afterwards. The rice is light and the meals are all great sizes and cooked to perfection. It’s a modern feel with some traditional aspects. It’s bloody lovely.

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Beach Burrito

I don’t know how much I need to say about this place other than – THERE’S A SKATE BOWL IN THE RESTAURANT. So whilst you’re tucking on your American-style Mexican chilli fries and frozen Margarita, some dude could be shredding the half-pipe next to you. Massive thumbs up.

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Rose Street Artist Markets

Every Saturday and Sunday, you can head over to the daytime artist market on Rose Street. An interesting selection of local artists and trades come together to form a small marketplace to buy all sorts of cool trinkets, souvenirs and jewellery. If you can’t find it, watch out for the metal-man who stands on Brunswick St with a big sign who will point you in the direction!

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Cider House

It’s not secret that I love cider. Bloated belly? Am I bothered though? Cider House does every type of cider you can even think of and all for a reasonable price in a great setting. You can even get some top quality munch here!

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Naked For Satan

I suppose it’s a cliché to mention Naked for Satan as it’s featured on every website ever. However, if you’re after $1 Tapas bites, a roof top with an insane look over the city and a place that’s guaranteed to be busy with a good vibe… then you may as well bow down to the hype and go check it out.

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Go on a Wednesday and cop yourself arguably the best burger in Melbourne along with a schooner of their finest beer for cheap. As a self proclaimed burger connoisseur, its up there with one of the tastiest bits of meat in a bun I’ve come across. They also do a pretty mouth watering veggie burger!

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  • I have been to Melbourne but never visited any of these places. I think I would love the Cider House as I love my cider and am normally travelling in countries that don’t have it. Would love to try the other places too 🙂

  • Lovely roundup of places. Each vie with each other to grab attention. I am particularly fascinated by the Artist’s Market which looks so colourful. I am sure it holds the promise of a great experience.