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Couples Adventure in Krabi


On my way home for Christmas after completing my recent working holiday visa in Australia, my partner Duffel Travel and I thought it would be a good idea to soak up the sun in our beloved Thailand and escape on a couples adventure to the Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort.

Unfortunately, we were hit with the WORST weather for our 10 day adventure which made taking photos and documenting our trip so difficult. Luckily for the 3 rainy days we spent in Ao Nang, Krabi; we were met with a towering Cliffside resort which offered luxury, comfort and above all else, SHELTER from the rain!

Infinity Pool

I can’t write anything before I mention the amazing infinity pool this hotel has. The perfect place to watch the sunset or soak up the sun. We managed to spend our only actual sunset (because of the aforementioned rain) lapping up the view from this swimming pool, so we were very lucky! The pool even has Jacuzzi sun beds which makes it that little bit more special. No need to have your own towel as they provide them poolside free of charge, good work Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort!

Ridiculously Large Bed

Our room had the equivalent of two double beds as ONE bed! For a couples adventure in Thailand, this couldn’t have been any more perfect. No duvet hogging on either part!

Hot Tub with a view

When I’m travelling, one of the things I miss the most is a luxurious hot bubble bath. When I walked into the room and saw that there was a chance to bath on our balcony with a kick ass view of the Ao Nang cliff and beach, I was so happy! I indulged in 4 baths in 3 days, pretty damn lucky!

Open plan bathroom

A bathroom with all the trimmings (and a hair dryer for any of those backpackers wondering!)… this bathroom was huge, beautiful and totally accommodating. The Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort bathroom had me gasping for joy!

Food, food and more food

The breakfast and evening buffet here was absolutely gorgeous. I would always recommend getting the authentic Thai food… because of course they know how to cook that with perfection! I must urge you away from the chicken sausages on the breakfast menu though… but that’s mostly because I personally find chicken sausages revolting. If you like them then eat away!

The dinner buffet had fresh sushi, a noodle station, fresh fish and steaks… and it was absolutely gorgeous. The cost is quite a lot for a hotel at around 449 THB per person (about 10/11 quid) but you can eat as much as you want, so weigh up if you’re feeling particularly peckish that day before you go!

Beach Club

A short 5 minute drive away from the hotel is there private slither of beach and the ‘Andaman Beach Club’. We were treated to the BEST Pad Thai and Massaman curry  in the whole of Ao Nang and it definitely lived up to its reputation. Unfortunately, the few hours we spent at the beach club, the rain was unforgiving.. meaning we really couldn’t experience it to the beach club’s full potential… but I can say that it was a beautiful place to spend a few hours with some really great food. The beach here was so beautiful and secluded, you felt like you had the whole of Ao Nang to yourself. I’d recommend going here if the sun is out and you want to escape the hustle and bustle.


Overall the location of the Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort was perfect. Close to some great restaurants, travel shops, the pier, motorbike rental shops and everything you could need.

Ao Nang itself is not my favourite town in Thailand. It’s overpopulated with tourists and has been turned into a commercial tourist town with little Thai authenticity left. In saying that, the proximity to Railay and Tonsai Beach made it the ideal location to have your hotel as the boat to Railay/Tonsai cost only 100 THB (£2) and they leave super frequently from the nearby pier.

What were the downsides?

Ao Nang itself is a bit touristy, there’s a lot jam packed into a small area and I think this is reflected in the surrounding hotels. The Ao Nang cliff beach resort is an awesome hotel but I think it maybe lacked some of that Thai charm that other places in Thaiand offer. In saying this, each room was amazingly comfortable and whatever charm they lacked, they definitely made up for in the EPIC views of Ao Nang.


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  • It looks like a beautiful resort. I haven’t been to Ao Nang but it looks like a nice place to explore for a few days. I would certainly enjoy that pool and the outside bath!!

  • Wow! Looks like you a great time staying here. The resort looks stunning and so luxurious.
    I loved the idea of infinite pool and tub with a view. The bed looks so comfy.
    I would love to stay here and explore Ao Nang more.